Plans for the future

Someday my idea of the future will be a reality. Things will line up just as I had imagined, I will feel alive, and in control. All I have to do is make it through today. Tomorrow, whenever tomorrow is, I will start that project, stand up for myself, and find that girl.

This is the meat on the edge of the stick tied to the back of my spine. It is out of reach, and the system that put it there intended it so.  I must fall on my back; giving up on these unrealistic dreams and the mechanism that so perversely held them there.

Responsibility exists, and tomorrow does come, and it’s no different from today. If it’s really important; I must make time for it.


Life is not like the movies, the red pill will only open your mind, not the doors out of this blue hell.

I had a dream. It had an avatar, a list of friends, a list of activities, and a stream of happy moments captured in time. As I slept, I conformed, and when I woke I worked for the system that was capturing and persisting me.  I lost myself in this dream, and today I can still see myself in the distance. This instance I see is a copy, of all I was, and all that one could see that I would be. It tells the story of my life from when the system was created, until each day I have and will feed information into it’s funnels. The story it tells is not necessarily always a true story, but it is a more accurate story than my memory serves. The only difference between myself and this dream is that I can sense myself and realize that I am not the dream, whereas the dream is by itself by being. I can change myself, but it requires me to change it. To the observer, we may be the same, but to my mind I am unique and have limited freedom. To keep and expand this freedom, I must wake up from my dream, and live without it’s reflection. I cannot escape the system that created my dream, but I can change the script of this scene.